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5 Smarter Ways to Find a Job, if You are a Fresher!

5 Smarter Ways to Find a Job, if You are a Fresher!

Seems like you are a fresher searching for your first job after graduating from college, or you're seeking to change organizations or growth in your career; it is essential to know how to find a job. However, hunting for a job, be it online jobs or work from home jobs, might seem difficult, but there are several ways to find one effectively and efficiently.

There are several ways to find a job, from searching in industry editions and seeking online to subscribing to job search emails. Here are 5 smarter ways to find a job if you're a fresher.

5 Smarter Ways to Find a Job:

1. Use job portals:

Using job search platforms like Jobsentrant will be a great way to boost your job search. Such job platforms will enable you to apply for a huge number of job openings easily and promptly. Most top job platforms have the filter feature through which you can search jobs by location, wage, and keywords.

Job portals are great as they enable you to filter out job search results that do not apply to you. Also, it provides you with the feature to set up custom job search alerts to alert you when job postings meeting your criteria come up. For instance, if you want to apply for jobs in India, Online Jobs, work from home jobs, or any other category, you will get an alert as the related jobs are posted.

2. Online Networking:

Starting to connect with people on career networking sites like LinkedIn will help you a lot in finding a job in India or anywhere else you are aiming for. This might seem to be a step ahead of yourself if you're still studying, but it gives a good impression of you to employers if you're keen to know what's going on in the job market before you've even finished your graduation.

Start growing your social network to keep in the loop for the latest job openings. Also, joining discussion groups for sectors you're interested in will be a great way to keep yourself updated about the latest job openings.

Follow the organizations that you like and commenting on their posts is an effective way to get noticed. While commenting, remember one thing, your comments should be professional and genuine.

3. Go beyond job postings:

While job hunting, relying just on job postings isn't enough to move ahead.

Focus on specific organizations rather than job openings can be helpful when you move on to the application process, you'll already have an interest in the company.

Prepare a list of organizations that you are interested in working for and how you can reach them. Keep an eye on their job openings and note them in your list as well. While figuring out, think carefully about what you want to say to each organization, and consider writing a formal cover letter to convey that you are familiar with them and to explain why you would be a suitable employee.

If a company you are interested in has a few vacancies but none of the positions are eligible for you, send them a resume and cover letter anyway. You may not hear back from them, but they may keep a record of you on file in case a role matching your qualification comes up in the future.

The recruitment process amounts to a substantial amount of money, so if an employer already has a record of an eligible candidate matching his requirement even before posting a job, they might consider employing you instead of spending time and money searching for other candidates.

Moreover, if an organization is experiencing rapid growth, it may be particularly open to hearing from eligible candidates, even if they have not posted a vacancy.

4. Ask in your acquaintance:

Staff referral is amongst the most prominent techniques used for hiring by employers, as organizations often prefer to employ someone who their trusted employees can vouch for.

Ask your friends and relatives for referrals who work in industries you'd like to work in. Often, this can result in you finding out about openings before it is even posted, and promptly puts you at a benefit if someone can recommend you.

5. Broaden your search:

Thanks to technology, the job market is constantly growing at such a pace that there are heaps of online jobs and work-from-home jobs out there that you've possibly never even heard of.

For instance, do you know what Python Programming is? How about a Content Marketer, a Growth Hacker, or a Full Stack Developer? Doing some research into this might help you find that once you get past the uncommon names, these are profiles you'd be interested in giving it a shot.

Going for a less traditional career can also mean less competition, and you might find more opportunities available over there if you broaden your horizons and start searching for more niche roles.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned ways will help you to find your first job in your dream company.

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