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Most In-Demand Jobs Post Covid Pandemic.

Most In-Demand Jobs Post Covid Pandemic.

The pandemic has affected all walks of life. The COVID crisis has not only brought havoc in personal lives but has also flipped the professional world upside down. Due to the pandemic, several organizations dismissed their employees and came up with work from home guidelines to cut down on the budget. Thousands of people have lost their jobs in India due to lockdowns.

The pandemic has impacted every section of society, paralyzed the movement of people and vehicles to a great extent. COVID-19 has harshly endangered our economy. While the corona pandemic has eliminated several roles from the workforce, it also led to the creation of new ones. Now, most of the companies started offering work from home jobs. Undoubtedly, online jobs are hot right now, but we analyzed well-known job portals like Jobsentrant, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn to find out what will be the most in-demand jobs post COVID-19.

In this article, we'll talk about the most in-demand jobs post-COVID-19.

Jobs with the fastest-growing demand Post COVID Pandemic

1. Healthcare Experts

The COVID outbreak does not seem to take a break. With the CoronaVirus, various other fatal diseases like the black fungus and delta variant took many lives. Over millions of healthcare workers positions are available on the job portals – and maximum openings are for nurses and nursing assistants, followed by doctors and their assistants.

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a rise in demand for healthcare employees as hospitals require more manpower to accommodate the increasing number of patients. India is growing in this sector and is anticipated to ace up among the top three healthcare markets.

The demand for healthcare employees has broadened to clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. Apart from physicians and nurse practitioners, other sought-after jobs comprise medical and health services managers, dentists, veterinarians, and anesthesiologists.

2. Online Teaching

Presently, all the schools and colleges are operating in virtual mode through online classes due to COVID. So, it is pertinent to see the surge of web courses and online education.

The pandemic has boosted the growth of Ed-tech companies. Some of the ed-tech companies like Coursera, Byjus, Udemy have grown both in size and reach. Online instructors or educators will be the most in-demand online jobs post-covid.

3. Digital Marketing Expert

This job was in demand even before the covid crisis. Even in the post-pandemic period, digital marketing is going to gain larger traction. Businesses are moving their base to the online world, which automatically boosts the demand for digital marketing experts to increase and retain the online presence in this competitive digital era. Not only big businesses but also small scale businesses and startups take the services like SEO, Facebook ads, PPC Management of a digital marketing agency to mark their online presence.

The best part of this domain is that companies can offer digital marketing profiles as work from home. Therefore, this will be one of the most in-demand online jobs post-covid 19.

4. Data Science

The massive data consumption has led to an increase in extracting, processing, and analyzing data into information that can be optimally utilized.

The demand for data science professionals has surged steadily in the past few years.

The sector has expanded extensively and brought a major changeover in the way businesses operate.

Companies are ready to pay three-fold of the average salary to new talents that can assist them in staying ahead of the curve.

5. Cloud computing

After the outbreak of COVID, the work mode has been remote in the past few months. More and more companies are moving forward to the cloud and utilizing secure cloud storage.

The operation of many companies concentrating entirely on transitioning as many applications as possible to the cloud. Thus, leading to a rise in high demand for cloud architects and cloud IT admins.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI focuses on the innovation of smart machines that imitate human intelligence.

There is a rising demand to comprehend how a machine learns, how it takes data inputs and information from its environment and determines its response without human intervention.

7. Fintech/Financial services

Digital payments are growing faster, hence boosting Financial Technology. Online payment platforms like Phonepe, Paytm, BHIM, Google Pay are gaining reliability.

Digital lending is spiking. Online investment products under the category of Fintech are gathering momentum.

8. Cyber Security Experts

Cybercrime has escalated during the lockdowns. As most of the businesses are running online, this has given a golden opportunity to the cybercriminals to clean their hands on hacking, phishing, malware threats, etc. Therefore, the demand for cyber security experts is going to soar post-covid.

9. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Experts

A huge number of people are now preferring home deliveries instead of stepping out to shop. This has surged the demand for supply chain management jobs worldwide. Logistics and supply chain management comprises acquiring, storing management, packaging of goods, dispatching and delivering the products to stores and customers. Therefore, the demand for logistics and supply chain management experts is also probable to grow soon in the near future.

Final Thought

Final Thought

The COVID has awakened several industries to transform. The pandemic has opened the doors for online jobs and work from home jobs in many domains. Above were the some most in-demand jobs post covid 19 that we have listed. Post covid world will be different and we need to prepare ourselves beforehand for the transformation.

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