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Top 5 Job Portals in India For Downloading Resumes at Free of Cost

Top 5 Job Portals in India For Downloading Resumes at Free of Cost

Seems like you are a recruiter looking for an employee matching the requirements of a vacant position. Nowadays recruiting has become costlier stuff. Finding suitable employees is not an easy task.

The job portals now also ask for a specified amount of fees to post job vacancies on or download resumes from their platform. Startups and small businesses certainly cannot afford to spend a fortune on advertising job openings. So, you can post job openings for free online and download resumes free of cost offered by numerous job portals platforms.


Yes, there are free job search and free job posting platforms. Here, recruiters and organizations can post a job for free online and can download resumes free of cost.

On such job portals, the recruiter can easily access those job seeker resumes matching the requirements of the job opening. Employers have access to a vast pool of talents where there is access to the job seeker database for free download. I've also hired an 'SEO Executive' online for my digital project.

Here is a list of the top 5 job portals in India from where you can find free resumes in India and post a job for free.

Let's take a look.


Jobsentrant is one of the best places to post jobs for free. This is an amazing, unique, attractive, and user-friendly platform where employers can post a job and find resumes for free. All you have

to do is register at Jobsentrant for free job posting and download resumes.

On this platform, recruiters have resume database access and the job seeker database is accessible for free download of resumes.

They offer employers to post a job for free and find job seekers for free. It has a separate section for Freshers'Resumes where startups and small enterprises looking for fresh talent can get in touch easily with fresh talents. verifies all the registered organizations from various industries across its platform.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not precisely a recruitment portal. Rather, it enables professional and Business-to-Business networking. As per Economic Times, “LinkedIn’s India user base up 24% in a year to 62 million”.

LinkedIn does not offer a job portal where you can post job postings for free. Here you get two alternatives that you can utilize. If your organization or you have a LinkedIn profile, you can either form a user group or post a job posting for free.

All members connected to your group can view this free job posting. Or else, you can use the status update feature on your LinkedIn profile for posting a job for free. Like this, you can find a suitable candidate for your company.

3. Timesjob

Timesjob is one of the noted job portals. This job portal is managed by the Times Group. It has more than 25 million registered job seekers. On this job portal, the candidate gets recommendations for jobs and companies based on their profile. This feature makes it easier for recruiters to attract the right talent for their job postings.

It has a separate section for government jobs. Also, it has a separate site named '' site meant for posting IT jobs only. Other than this, you may post jobs for free across other industries too.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a US-based recruitment portal that offers recruitment services in India. You can post the job for free

on its Indian Portal. This portal offers all kinds of jobs, be it small or big, every kind of job can be listed.

Glassdoor offers to recruit and employer branding solutions helping many employers to promote their brand to candidates researching them. Besides, they also advertise your jobs to ideal candidates who may not be aware of your company.

Glassdoor has a dedicated page for each organization showing the reputation of your company, metrics of your profile page views, company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews, number of followers which helps candidates to look up your company.

5. WalkinsIndia

WalkinsIndia is one of the best platforms for posting free job posting sites in India. It is perfect for employers who don’t have much time to check the scores of applications and invite job seekers for Interviews. This recruitment portal facilitates free job listings. You can post those jobs in which the candidates have to directly come for the interview with their resumes.

You have to mention a detailed job description, educational qualifications, required skills, and other requirements.


Hopefully, the above list of job portals where you can do free job posting and download free resumes in India. You can hire or find suitable candidates on these free job posting sites. There is no gainsaying that India has a vast pool of young talent and there are millions of job seekers- both professional and freshers- searching for jobs. Thus, free job posting enables you to approach a vast audience.

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